2013 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion Awards

Race Results
Photo by TM Hill.

2013 Special Awards
Sunday, August 18

The Brilliance Award – Presenter Jim Holloway, Mother’s
Presented to the owner of the car with exceptional history and unquestionable provenance.
Winner: George Wingard for his 1913 Mercer

Best Paddock Display – Presenter Mike Joy
Presented to the best paddock display representative of the era.
Winner: For his three-car display … Brian Blain

Road and Track Magazine Award – Presenter Editor-in-Chief Larry Webster
Presented to the car we would most like to race.
Winner: In his 1990 Chevrolet Beretta GTO… Pieter Baljet

Henry Ford Trophy – Presenter John Clinard, Ford Motor Company
Presented to the most significant Ford-powered entry.
Winner: Driving a 1915 Ford Roadster … Ed Archer

Ken Miles Trophy – Presenter Ken Miles’ son - Peter Miles
Presented for the representation of a vintage car under 1500cc.
Winner: For the 1955 Cooper Type 39 Bobtail, entered by Jim Brown and driven by David Brown

Monterey Reunion Pre-War Trophy Presented by the Gary Byrd Foundation – Presenter Tina Byrd
Presented to the most outstanding Pre-War entry
Winner: Driving a 1917 Chevrolet 490 Speedster … Noel Park

Weissach Cup – Presented by Porsche Cars North America’s President and CEO Detlav von Platen.
Winner: Driving his 1972 Porsche 911 RSR … Erich Joiner

The Phil Remington Award – Presented by Peter Brock
Named after one of the all-time great mechanics and fabricators, Phil Remington and graciously sponsored by Ford Motor Company.
Presented to the mechanic who demonstrates exceptional skill.
Winner: From J&L Fabrication – Evan Margeson

The President’s Cup – Presenter SCRAMP President, Dean Fewtrell
Presented to the entrant whose car has historical significance to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.
Winner: Having won its first-ever race here, the award goes to the 1972 Jensen-Healey entered by Patrick Lind and driven by Joe Huffaker.  

The Founders Trophy – Presenter Gill Campbell
This award is presented to the person who richly personifies historic racing.
Winner: Vic Edelbrock

The John Fitch Corvette Excellence Award - Presenter John Fitzpatrick of Chevrolet Corvette.
Winner: For the 1963 Corvette Grand Sport … the Revs Institute at the Collier Collection

Bonhams 1793 Cup – Presenter David Swig of Bonhams.
Presented to participants in the featured morning races that best exemplifies the spirit of the event.
Race 2B (Formula Juniors) – Driving a car of his own build, a 1959 Sadler is Bill Sadler

Race 7A (Sports Racing cars over 2000cc) – For his three entries (Lister, Maserati and Scarab) … Rob Walton

Race 8A (Trans Am cars) – Driving a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28…is Chad Raynal

Race 8B (Weissach Cup) – For entering the only Porsche 901, Dean Watts

The Rolex Award for Excellence – Presenter – Vice President and Director of Communications of Rolex Watch USA Peter Nicholson.
Presented for Overall Excellence in each race category, as determined by an independent panel of judges.
Rolex Race 1A – Driving a 1932 Miller Scofield … John Kerr

Rolex Race 2A – Driving his 1949 Talbot Lago … David Duthu  

Rolex Race 3A – Driving a 1962 Porsche 356 … Alec Hugo

Rolex Race 4A – Driving a 1964 McLaren-Elva … Edith Arrowsmith

Rolex Race 5A – Driving a 1965 Chevrolet Corvette … Tommy Steuer

Rolex Race 6A – Driving a 1976 Dekon Monza … Ken Epsman

Rolex Race 7A – Driving a 1958 Scarab Mark 1 … David Swig

Rolex Race 8A – Driving a 1968 Ford Mustang … Gary Goeringer

Rolex Race 1B – Driving a 1961 Huffaker Genie … Michael Vogel

Rolex Race 2B – Driving a 1963 Lotus 27 … Danny Baker

Rolex Race 3B – Driving a 1980 Williams … Charles Nearburg

Rolex Race 4B – Driving a 1975 Osella PA entered by Martin Adams … Eddie Lawson

Rolex Race 5B – Driving a 1950 Allard J-2 … Graham Smith

Rolex Race 6B – Driving a 1985 Mercury Capri … John McKenna

Rolex Race 7B – Driving a 1965 Lotus 26R … Dalmo De Vasconcelos

Rolex Race 8B – Driving a 1969 Porsche 911 … Olga Neulist Reindlova

The Spirit of Monterey – Presenters – Rolex Watch USA Vice President and Director of Communications’ Peter Nicholson, and Bill Patterson, Official Artist of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.
Winner: Presented to the driver who excels in the Spirit of the Weekend … celebrating his 60th anniversary of racing on the Monterey Peninsula and driving his 1963 Genie Comet … John Harden.